Crypto Rush: Rolex NFT Priced at Four Times a Real Watch

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A Chicago-based artist named Jesus Calderon is offering 3D animation NFTs of Rolex watches for prices that would put real Rolex watches to shame, IDEX Online reports.


Credit: Iurii Motov /


Calderon has created 1,000 “spoof” versions of famous watches which he sells online for the cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH) – and a lot of it. For instance, a “Rodex Daitona #0010” – Calderon’s version of the iconic Rolex Datyona – is listed at 20 ETH (equivalent to just over $76,5000). A Rodex Bitmariner (Rolex Submariner) is listed for the same price. The cheapest “Rodex” on offer costs around $18,000.


Rolex Cosmograph Daytona sothebys
Credit: Sotheby’s


According to an interview he gave the Hodinkee watch website, his collection is “algorithmically generated, aesthetically curated, luxury timepieces”. Calderon said: “I thought people would love having awesome 3-D watches as a collectible, especially if they’re representative of their real-life counterparts.”

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